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Andy Henik

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Andy Henik

Owner and founder of alio3d

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Ever since I was a child, I wanted to make movies and use visual effects.

On my journey to make my dream come true, I studied graphic design, and for six years I worked as a graphic generalist.

During that time 3D software caught my eye, and so my attention went from static graphics to animations.

At first it was only a hobby, but quickly it became my next profession.
I studied 3D animation and video editing at Hassifa College, sponsored by the Open University Israel, and from that moment on, I started my new career as a 3D generalist which later included video editing as well.

For a few years I worked at a company, that tried to build a 3D website.

It did not pay off, and the company closed.

Looking back, it may have been a failed attempt, but in the aftermath it gave birth to online gaming companies, which became very successful.

Then I started working at a big company creating 3D feature movies. After a while this company also closed down, and again it gave birth to some of the most successful companies in Israel, not just on a national scale, but international as well, and their names are well known.

Most of my experience as an employee I earned at MVR Multimedia, where I was hired as a Project Manager and Chief Animator to create medical animations for procedures, and the use of medical tools, up to microscopic behaviours of a new cure.

Since I started alio3d, I turned to other areas as well, which opened a door for me to a whole new world.

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alio3d was created in 2009.

We offer a wide variety of visual solutions for our customers.

From medical animations, patent and product videos, architectural imaging to promo/ commercial videos and logo animations, the sky is the limit.

alio3d is always up to date, when it comes to design and we are always on top of things.

Our goal is to create a continuing relationship with our clients, based on satisfaction of our clients needs.

alio3d will gladly always be at your service, so feel free to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with the best service possible.